suninmyeyes – [Noah Chris]

Today we have a creative that goes by the name of Noah Chris who is making his Lyrical Lemonade debut on our website this afternoon with his brand new offering titled “suninmyeyes”. Noah Chris is an artist from Evanston, Illinois & has been a standout in plenty of the popular open mic communities within the area + the city, and he is looking to be taking the next step in his career within the next year or so. I have had this song on repeat for the past twenty minutes straight, astonished by Noah’s ear-pleasing vocals, especially considering that he is still very young + early in his career. I am expecting big things from Noah Chris moving forward, he has set a high bar but I fully expect him to be able to one-up himself. I can continue to talk about this release but Noah decided to do a little of the talking himself, adding: This song is about a version of myself that is searching for love from someone who probably will never love me back. Sometimes it feels like she’s the only way I’m gonna be happy…. but that I know I have to make me happy first. I already know what I want and I can’t have it so I’ll continue on my journey to keep looking even with the sun in my eyes.

Produced by Timmy V