Sundress – [MC Virgins] x [Yung Bae]

So I’m not a big fan of comedic rap but this song by MC Virgins and Yung Bae really hit song for me. The title of the song and the visuals and the overall mood of the song match up with each other perfectly. None of the weather is getting warmer and as we’re inching deeper into springtime and close in on summertime the sundresses are just going to start popping out. This video is not to be taken seriously of course like look at who’s making the song it’s all about good-hearted fun and the video is actually pretty funny. Normally I feel like some comedic rappers try too hard or have really corny bars. But this is also probably because this particular song feels more like a pop single instead of a rap single. Regardless this is just a fun record to listen to, nothing really deep to dive into.

Watch the music video for MC Virgins and Yung Bae’s new song “Sundress.”