Sun Shower – [Elton] x [Bedows] x [Burns Twins]

With so many big-name projects dropping last Friday, a lot of new releases flew under the radar. One particular project that definitely shouldn’t be slept on is Sun Showers, an EP brought to you by Chicago artists Elton, Bedows and the Burns Twins. On this 4-song EP, the four artists collaborate to craft a cohesive bouncy, blissful vibe. With dynamic, live instrumentation, this project sounds refreshingly raw, featuring jazz riffs and explosive horn sections that remind me of a Kids These Days track. Elton supplies the lead vocals on each song, crooning out soulful melodies and spitting some seriously impressive bars on tracks “Headphones” and “Breathe.” As features from rising Chicago voices Nemo and Akenya add more layers of warmth to the mix, this EP starts to come alive.