Sun Gazing – [T-Bruin]

No matter what region of this country you explore musically, there are always so many different talents and sounds that you can find, and I am on a never-ending quest to hear as much music as I can from as many different artists as possible. New York City is a place with an endless catalog of emcees, and the range there is quite insane. I mean, you can go from Jay-Z to Pop Smoke to Lil Tjay, and then Pi’erre Bourne to Nas to the A$AP Mob, and you’ll see the spectrum is quite diverse, but there is much more to this gamut if you look even deeper.

Although more conscious, lyrical rap isn’t necessarily something that I heavily gravitate towards personally, I have the utmost respect for rappers who can pull this style off as well as T-Bruin, and although he’s brand-new to me as a listener, I was all-in after hearing his record “Sun Gazing”. Produced by Matt Martin, Bruin utilizes a very bright, eventful instrumental with a soulful, sunny sample that seems to work unbelievably well with his deeper, heavy vocals.

In turn, he boasts such a smooth, gracious flow that seems to call out some people without actually getting too confrontational, making this a song that seems to be more about praising the positives rather than attacking the negatives, and this isn’t something that is done nearly as often as I would personally like, so I definitely loved this change of pace without a doubt. In the incredible Patrick Downer-directed visual, Bruin takes to the streets on a beautiful day to hang with the homies and explore his city before setting his sights strictly on his girl to spend an unforgettable day with her around NYC.

Basically, this showcases their love impeccably in a way that would make anyone hope to have a relationship and a bond as strong as theirs, and it is the perfect storyline for a song with so much character and positivity. I definitely respect the hell out of T-Bruin for doing his thing in such a captivating manner that differentiates himself from the majority of other emcees in the city, and I am definitely looking forward to getting much more in tune with him as the days go on.