Summrs adds fuel to his fire with video to “No Really.”

Louisiana-based artist Summrs is once again making noise with his latest release, “No Really.” Known for his flashy delivery and versatility, Summrs showcases his rhythmic abilities and unique voice in this track, proving why he is a consistent force to be reckoned with in the modern era of hip-hop.

The brand-new music video for “No Really” is a visual treat for fans, featuring Summrs’ signature dark aesthetic with flashy lighting and aggressive jump cuts. However, he takes it a step further by incorporating vibrant effects and retro-style film shots, adding a creative and visually captivating element to the video directed by Nick Belloti. I’m really messing with the snow/mountainside shots too.

Summrs’ ability to switch up his tempo and seamlessly flow between different styles is on full display in “No Really,” further solidifying his status as a versatile artist. We’ve seen multiple sides of his work, with some of my favorite tracks of his coming in a slower tempo, unlike this joint. The song and video are a testament to Summrs’ artistry and his unique approach to hip-hop, pushing boundaries and delivering a fresh take on the genre. I’m excited to see just how far he can go and how his sound will develop.

Check out the video for “No Really,” on YouTube below!