Suicide – [DC the Don] ft. [midwxst]

I feel like I say it all the time, but I truly feel like there isn’t anything in the music world that DC the Don can’t do, and do well at that he has demonstrated his capabilities on numerous occasions, and as he continues to blow up, he seems to challenge himself even more to push the limits and make the most out of his time in the spotlight. I don’t think his time is going to be up anytime even remotely soon, either, because after dropping his wildly successful album My Own Worst Enemy back in February along with a ton of accompanying music videos, he has continued to release single after single, keeping his undefeated streak going time and time again.

Even though I tend to enjoy a specific style that a multifaceted artist creates more than others, Donny is the one exception because he does everything so well, and his most recent single “Suicide” is yet another flawless example of this. Alongside one of my favorite young stars midwxst, DC hits up Trademark, 637Rxss, Dxnny Phxntom, and Gateway to bring this hyperpop-infused beat to life, and the results are as magnificent as you’d expect from these two fresh yet proven emcees. In the Nicpencils-directed visual, the animated world is built through Claymation and paper backdrops, adding a differentiating factor once again to his collection of motion pictures.

Here, DC hits the streets where he runs into a love interest, a joy that is quickly stolen as she gets kidnapped by an evil character in the story. Determined to save her, DC sleuths out their (not so secret) headquarters, busting in to rescue his girl. Considering the place was heavily guarded, midwxst breaks in at the perfect time to assist his homie, fighting everyone successfully until they run into the final boss. This seems to stress them out, but Donny hits a button and transforms into some sort of beast, taking out the biggest bully of them all with ease.

Although the artist and his woman head off into the sunset happily, there is a ”to be continued” portion where a minion reports to the leader of this group of mischief-makers who claims that he’ll have to finish the job himself. While I’m not sure if this means we’re going to get a part two to this video, I am just excited that there is another new song from DC and midwxst, two of my favorite musicians out right now, so make sure you tune into “Suicide” whenever you can!