Sugar – [alayna]

There are certain people in this world who have an undeniable light and calling over their lives. There’s really no way to measure or quantify it, but it is extremely evident that some individuals possess a specific amount of grace and talent that could only be given by God himself. If you’ve never crossed paths with someone like that, then I’m here to introduce you to one. Out of all of the conversations I’ve had with artists, not many have left me feeling encouraged and edified the way today’s did.

alayna is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from New Zealand who isn’t making it onto our pages just for her music, but for also the incredible soul she is. I stumbled on her music a little earlier today after aimlessly scrolling through my discover weekly Spotify playlist. Her brand new song “Sugar”, sonically represents raw emotion in its truest form. It’s not every day you hear an artist sing with the amount of conviction alayna sings with, so it was only right in my eyes to hop on a call with her to figure out how her perspective on life has directly impacted her as an artist.

alayna explained to me that music has always been a part of her. Growing up, she was used to getting compliments about her voice which quickly turned into her assuming the identity of a “singer”. With this newfound passion and distinction, alayna found herself diving into music right after school. For most, this sounds like a dream, but the rising singer/songwriter explained to me that a lot of her worth was wrongly misplaced in music, so much so that it was frustrating for her to separate what she was doing from who she was as a person. In life, we all have our own different journey’s, but the concept of misplaced identity and striving to find self worth is something that many people resonate with. After the release of her EP, alayna realized that it was only right for her to take a meaningful hiatus to get back to finding joy in music and remembering the reason why she began in the first place. Often times, when we find identity in other things, that doesn’t mean that those identities are bad, it’s just extremely important to remember who you are at your core. alayna explained that its an endless journey though…a journey that we all go on, but one that we can find so much purpose and meaning in.

Her brand new song “Sugar” dives deeper into alayna’s identity and personal life as she details an intimate relationship. Through her lyrical delivery and vocal bliss, the New Zealand talent creates an ambience that is will put your mind at ease and open your heart to any emotion you may be surpressing. alayna told me that her favorite feeling in the world is hearing songs that somehow articulate her own personal feelings that she didn’t thing could be put into words. What’s really cool is that she does this with her own music and has the ability to touch lives with the songs she releases.

“Sugar” is a triumph and it perfectly represents the true gem that alayna. Her wisdom is beyond her years so I just pray as our viewers read this they are able to receive the encouragement I received from this inevitable star. I’ve attached the new song down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!