Suburbia-[Devon Again]

Devon Again is an artist who I have been absolutely dying to write about ever since coming across her talented self. Last year, while mindlessly scrolling through tik-tok, I stumbled on a blued haired girl who could sing better than half of the artists I listened to on a daily basis. That blue haired girl was none other than Devon herself as she serenaded her followers with her silky smooth voice and beautiful tone. What I love about this girl is that she had a substantial following without even dropping music, Erich speaks to her innate talent and undeniable charisma.

For months, fans and tastemakers alike began begging the Colorado native to drop her own provincial music; and just this past week, the now LA-based artist decided to make her official debut! When hype moments like this happen, it’s often easier to predict their failure, but when it comes to this first release, she not only exceeded expectations but, blew them out of the water.

The song “Suburbia” is a track about a complicated love story/situation that Devon finds herself in. Throughout the verses, the talented singer shows off that amazing voice of hers while telling the tell of a Suburban love affair that only seems real in the movies. From top to bottom, this song does not miss. The production is fire and the ambience is phenomenal. When it comes to debuts, Devon killed this one! I’ve attached the youtube video down below, so give this one a listen ASAP!