Stunt Double – [Lil Yachty] ft. [Rio Da Yung OG]

Despite the fact that Lil Yachty hails all the way from Atlanta, it almost seems like he turns into a different person when he finds himself up north in Michigan. He’s one of the few people who truly respects all of the insane talents coming out of the state, and even though there are so many different styles and sounds that all of these artists are delivering, I truly and firmly believe that Yachty did his very best to encapsulate just about all of these personalities on Michigan Boy Boat.

Even though he might’ve been slightly out of his comfort zone when first starting to rap over some of these beats, he seemed to come into his own on this project and the most noticeable thing is the fact that his wordplay seemed to be at an all-time high. While it’s tough for me to pick a favorite song on the album considering it’s jam-packed full of bangers, one track I found myself gravitating towards earlier on has got to be “Stunt Double” which features the unbelievably talented Rio Da Yung OG.

Despite the fact that Rio is currently locked up for various reasons that he describes as things that he didn’t know were going on, the duo luckily teamed up prior to his incarceration for an AMD Visuals-shot music video. While nothing absolutely crazy happens here, it’s just amazing to see Lil Boat in his second home surrounded by some of the most prominent up-and-comers in the entire rap scene. I’m not entirely sure where they’re at, but considering their entire crew is decked out in puffer jackets, I can only assume that they were up north for this visual. Aside from this, the whole group seems to take over some sort of convenience store as they all hang out, smoke blunts, and vibe out to the unbelievably chill track.

When it comes to the project overall, I loved how Yachty showed recognition to artists as big as Tee Grizzley and Sada Baby as well as smaller, more local names such as RMC Mike, Baby Tron, and Veeze. Although there are moments throughout that fall flatter than others, I would say overall this project is an undeniable success, and Yachty even mentioned on Twitter how this was the most positive feedback any project of his has ever received, so it’s clear that the fans recognize the talent and respect the movement that these Detroit hitmakers are bringing to life. While I’m not even close to being finished sorting through the album to discover all the insane wordplays from all the different artists, I’m beyond excited that we now have a visual for “Stunt Double”, so make sure you check that out as soon as you get the chance.