STUNNA (lyric video) – [Bari]

St. Louis’ Bari continues to be one of the most intriguing artist to follow in hip-hop right now. His melodic rap style, eccentric lyrics, and consistent growth maintain his status as an artist truly in his own lane, and he reminds us of his uniqueness with a new lyric video for his single “STUNNA”.

With so much going on in terms production, iconic adlibs, and catchy flows, it’s tough sometimes to also pay attention to Bari’s lyricism. But this lyric video re-focusses a listener’s attention to appreciate the outlandish bars that come out of Bari’s mouth every second. Unapologetically vulgar and self-confident, Bari’s persona shines through on this track in a way that you can’t help but become a fan of. The video’s 3D, kaleidoscopic aesthetics take “STUNNA” to the next level and complement the song’s futuristic tone.

Watch the lyric video for Bari’s “STUNNA” below, and keep an eye out for his next release, “Starstruck”, on July 10.