Stunna Girl Continues to Shine with Unapologetic New Single “Courtesy Of A Rich N*gga”

With her unapologetic attitude and edgy style, rising talent Stunna Girl has captivated audiences far and wide with her releases this year. Her latest single, “Courtesy of a Rich N*gga” (“CRN”), is a testament to her confidence and self-made spirit, showcasing her raw lyricism and unyielding determination. “CRN” is more than just a song; it’s a bold statement. From the moment the track begins, Stunna Girl’s signature raw lyricism takes center stage, weaving a tale of opulence, independence, and unwavering self-assurance. The smooth and catchy hook draws listeners in, while the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a lavish, luxurious lifestyle. But beyond the materialistic facade, the song carries a deeper message—a celebration of empowerment, independence, and the unbreakable bond between Stunna Girl and her supportive man.

“This song was inspired by my husband and how he spoils me,” Stunna Girl says of the new single. “But also myself and how ima boss on my own. The record is real player. It’s for people who grind like myself and have a companion who matches their fly.”

Stunna Girl’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of meteoric. She burst onto the scene with her viral hit “Runway,” a track that garnered a staggering 15 million views on YouTube. Her follow-up sensation, “Like Dat,” further solidified her status, amassing over 7.3 million views on YouTube. The song’s popularity even led to two remixes, one featuring the renowned French Montana and the other showcasing JT of the City Girls, amplifying its reach and appeal.

Take a peak at Stunna Girl’s latest single below!