Stuck in Your Orbit – [LaVera]

Admittedly, I overuse the word “dreamy” in my writing, but in some cases, it’s simply the perfect fit, just as is the case with an artist by the name of LaVera’s latest single, “Stuck in Your Orbit.” Finding a thoughtful point of analogy between space and love, this offering is “dreamy” in every sense of the word, allowing the silky smooth vocals to ooze into the mesmerizing guitar riffs with seamless perfection. Beyond this, lyrically, LaVera takes it one step further, alluring listeners with thoughtful lines of love and the mysteriousness with which it works. Resulting is a gorgeous culmination of these elements, exemplifying an artist who not only knows what she wants to say, but knows how to say it in a way that listeners can escape into.

That said, “Stuck in Your Orbit” is one of those rare offerings that seemingly slows down time, so be sure to show this one some love and check it out below! I wouldn’t hesitate to say that you’ll be hearing LaVera’s name everywhere soon!

Produced by Soular Child