Strings – [Tuxx]

It may not be super apparent based on my current taste in music and many of the songs I write about, but I grew up a huge fan of rock music. At first, it was bands like AC/DC and Van Halen that really helped me grasp what music as a whole was, but then as I got older, I got extremely into punk rock and pop-punk thanks to bands like Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, and Blink-182. By the time I got to high school, I had shifted most of my focus on rap, but these are still bands and genres that are engrained in who I am, so you can bet that I was extremely excited when certain hip-hop acts started to incorporate these sounds into their music.

Obviously, there are elements of these genres in music created by everyone from the late greats like Juice WRLD and Lil Peep to hyperpop acts like Brakence and ericdoa, but one person who I have been seriously impressed with is Tuxx. He is an emcee that I haven’t kept up with as much as I once did probably about a year ago, but I always try and listen whenever he drops something new if I have the chance, so I couldn’t wait to check out his waytoolost-produced song “Strings” after seeing all of the teasers he posted on social media.

Over a truly heartfelt instrumental, Tuxx pours his heart out once again in such an honest, revealing manner that is just too hard to even try and ignore if you’d even want to for some reason, but the Mayson Ashby-directed visual definitely plays into these feelings. It begins with him pounding drinks in the bathroom as he seems to try and forget about whatever is at the front of his mind, continuing this as he ventures off into the desert to try and find answers that just aren’t coming to him as quickly or easily as he had hoped, I can imagine. I am always pleased whenever I get the chance to tap in with new music from Tuxx, and this song is definitely no exception, so make sure you tap in as soon as you can!