Street Food – [Avito]

When it comes to music discovery, few platforms are on the same level as Astari. Not only does their YouTube channel highlight a plethora of rising talent and innovative artists to pay attention to, but in doing so, Astari has also become an influential factor in the rap world, often times swaying the unique styles that are flooding into the genre right now. Today, proving the value of this platform with yet another fantastic release, Astari recently premiered “Street Food” by an artist named Avito.

Reworking Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s classic song, “Dilemma,” this offering uses a sparkling sound and playfully energetic stylistic direction to captivate listeners. Avito’s lyrics are equally hilarious as they are memorable, and by simply being himself, he’s able to prove with “Street Food” that nothing strikes listeners more than authenticity. That said, this release doesn’t take itself too seriously while simultaneously creating a remarkably catchy style of music, and for that reason and more, it’s certainly a required listen for all of our readers out there.

As always, Astari discovered a gem and helped put us all on, so show some love and check out Avito’s fantastic new offering, “Street Food,” below!

Produced by 0800HEYBAE