Street Appreciation – [Quail P] ft. [Taleban Dooda]

Florida is obviously one of the most entertaining states in the whole music scene, and even though I could name probably one hundred artists off of the top of my head alone, I still don’t think that it gets nearly enough attention. This could be because of the very diverse soundscapes that these artists are creating because there are so many styles that it is almost inconceivable to think that all these talents call the same state home, but I don’t think it’s even close to a stretch to consider Florida in the top levels of the game right alongside New York City or Los Angeles.

Clearly, there are some world-renowned names that will always get the recognition they deserve, but the scene runs deep and robust thanks to emcees like Quail P who has been turning heads and rising through the ranks at a rapid level, and I couldn’t be more excited to see him get the notoriety that he completely deserves. His latest song “Street Appreciation” is yet another full-on hit that proves why he deserves a spot at the table with some of the other higher-up artists, and the Water Wippin Evan-directed music video proves this point even further. Beyond this, the fact that he recruited fellow Floridian Taleban Dooda who has been blowing up as well makes me realize just how fast Quail is growing within his career.

In this heartfelt track highlighting some of the ruthless moments that each of these individuals has endured throughout their unique upbringings, Quail takes some time to show love to some of these formative moments because even though they might not have been easy to get through in the slightest, he respects the fact that they helped him become a stronger man and they made him into the person he is today, doing so in one of the most enthralling, masterful ways I could imagine.

I truly loved Dooda’s verse as well, because even though I’m used to hearing him on aggressive, hard-hitting songs, seeing him get introspective and tuneful brought out another, more personable side of himself that was equally as consummate as Quail. These two Floridians are a huge part of the reason why I love the music coming from this region of the country, and as long as they continue to make songs as unbelievable as “Street Appreciation”, I think it goes without saying that you’ll be seeing their names everywhere in a matter of no time.