Strawberry Louis Vuitton – [Vic Mensa] x [Thundercat] x [Maeta]

Vic Mensa is one of my personal favorite artists over the past decade, he’s made some of my favorite songs of my life, and today he is back on our site with the release of his brand new music video for “Strawberry Louis Vuitton”. Since I first discovered his music, Vic was never afraid to experiment with sounds and try things that some artists might stray away from, and I think that fearlessness has benefitted him. Not much has changed in terms of that mindset, because on Vic’s latest release, he is found SKYDIVING OUT OF A PLANE. Yes, you read that right, Vic teamed up with Danielle DeGrasse-Alston to create an aesthetically beautiful music video that begins with him skydiving out of a small plane. Here at the start of 2023, Vic Mensa has built quite a catalog of excellent music videos, but this one is definitely near the top of those. Go ahead and watch this brand-new release below.