Strawberry EP – [Alec Wigdahl]

It is truly my pleasure to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade community to the immensely talented Alternative Pop stylings of Alec Wigdahl. The fearlessly transparent Minnesota-native opens himself up to listeners on his new Strawberry EP by delving into the emotionally taxing aspects of leaving school, moving away from home and ultimately betting on yourself. Chock-full of emotionally stirring lyrics and live instrumentation, Wigdahl delivers an incredible showcasing of his ability and promise as a new act. 

Each record on the new EP is a stirring illustration of Wigdahl’s songwriting ability, range as a vocalist and sheer musicality that has him turning heart-wrenching lyrics into driving Pop ballads. Backed by an array of instrumentation that varies in textures catering to the subject matter each song, Wigdahl manages to capture an array of emotions in a brief amount of time. This dynamism allows him to structure up-beat pulsating records like, “Jealous of Me” and “Misbehaving” while also creating softer, acoustic ballads like “A little Bit Longer” and “Dog Videos.” Both styles of records are not only sonically pleasing but incredibly impressive when considering the self-produced and self-written aspect surrounding the 19-minute debut. Alec Wigdahl is on my list of artists to watch and he should have a place on yours too.

Listen to Strawberry EP by Alec Wigdahl below and make sure to show him your support by following along on Twitter and Instagram.