strangers – [ericdoa]

Back when I first heard the term hyperpop, I was honestly confused with all of the different sounds that the subgenre encompassed, but all I knew was that there were a few artists included under this umbrella that instantly became some of my favorites. At the same time, it just so happened that these talents were also good friends, so it was easy to get into different musicians based on the fact that they were all making similar styles yet sounded completely different from one another.

Glaive, midwxst, aldn, and ericdoa were some of my early favorites, and after getting more and more familiar with them, I realized that in all honesty, none of them could release a bad song if they tried. Out of all of these names, eric might just be my overall favorite because of all the different genres he mashes together at once, but the way he pulls off these different styles makes me realize just how impressive he is, and that’s thanks to some of the producers he frequently works with.

At this point in time, I’ve seen eric perform live twice, and I’m hoping to up this number as soon as I can but seeing the way he interacts with the crowd and has a venue bumping from the front to the back makes me realize just how powerful he is within this music industry even if he’s not the biggest name on a concert poster right now. I never miss a new release from the young hitmaker, so when I found out he was finally releasing his long-awaited and highly anticipated song “strangers” today, I was beyond pumped. Teaming up once again with Glasear, Zetra, and 48th St for the production, they incorporate some poppy drums and fast-paced percussion over some smooth, energetic guitar licks for a perfect base for eric.

Unsurprisingly, passion and energy are the names of the game for eric in every track he drops with this one being no different, so as he comes in with his enthusiasm and personality at an all-time high, you know it’s going to be a smash success. His personality only continues to grow more appealing as the record continues, ultimately leading to one of his best songs yet, in my opinion. With that being said “strangers” is yet another unforgettable addition to ericdoa’s already bulletproof catalog, making it a song you need in your life immediately. While you’re at it, make sure you don’t miss out on our brand-new Lemonade Stand interview with eric as well!