Stone Cold – [Kenny Beats] x [Deb Never]

Kenny Beats and his effortless ability to breathe life into every track he creates has become somewhat of a staple in the world of hip-hop. Fans and long-time listeners of the Connecticut-bred producer expect a song to be nothing less than pure gold the moment we hear the tagline “Woah Kenny”. However, in his most recent project with the dreamy Los Angeles artist Deb Never, Kenny Beats is exposing us to a completely different side of the same golden coin.

Personally I have to admit that my curiosity had piqued the moment that I saw that Deb Never and Kenny Beats were hopping on a track together. The two seem to walk very different paths genre-wise, so the thought of them meeting at a crossroad was not something that would have ever crossed my mind. Nonetheless, “Stone Cold” exceeds all expectations. Brandishing a tuneful guitar and a sonorous bass, the track evokes an alternative lo-fi sound that, paired with her lax and musing vocals, Deb Never makes her own.

The song pays homage to the revered WWE wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, even enlisting a rivalry between Deb and a wrestler inspired from Austin’s likeness as the focus of the music video. The message? Drop the “tough guy” act because it’s nothing more than a desperate act for attention. Yikes. Be that as it may, Deb Never and Kenny Beats don’t need to put on an act to gather attention, their creativity and versatility does all the talking for them.

Watch the video for “Stone Cold” below:

Words by Bianca Brown