Stomp – [DCG Shun] & [DCG Bsavv] ft. [G Herbo]

Just when it seemed like the drill scene in Chicago was coming to a bit of a standstill, the DCG Brothers came in and made an insane splash with their modern take on a sound that put this city on the map in a huge way. It just felt like with New York City drill taking over the mainstream, the Chicago drill sound was starting to die down, and it is thanks to these two trendsetters that the subgenre is alive and well, at least in my opinion.

They were on such a long, impressive streak of releasing singles and visuals, each one getting better than the last while also putting their names on the map more than ever, but one thing that fans were patiently waiting for and highly anticipating was the release of a project. Well, the wait came to an end late last week with the release of their debut mixtape Jungle Life which boasts 14 songs running just short of 39 minutes long, and man is this the wild ride that I was hoping for.

Out of all these songs, though, I was definitely most captivated by their record “Stomp”, probably mostly because of the fact that G Herbo joined them to crush another verse like only he knows how to do. After this track received a Diamond Visuals-directed music video, though, you already knew that the fun was just getting started.

In this clean flick, the two brothers basically wreak havoc on their town, picking out weapons that match their shoes, hitting up the local convenience store, and basically proving that they run whatever store they’re in and whatever street they’re on. Herb only comes in for his verse and the rest of the track, but he joins in on some of the chaos while he has the chance, even though that shouldn’t surprise anyone whatsoever. I am always going to tap in with whatever new releases the DCG Brothers put out because they’re always so entertaining, and with “Stomp” being no different, you definitely need to check this one out ASAP.