Stolie – [Ayee Resoo] & [Pitt Tha Kid]

This year has seen strong introductions from plenty of artists who have taken the time this year to focus their efforts on moving into music. With producers becoming more forward-thinking, they are finding rising artists and using their beats to elevate talent out the gate. These collaborations show that producers really are some of the best A&R’s in the game. Today, Toronto-based producer Pitt Tha Kid has teamed up with a new act out of Gary, Indiana that has been gaining a ton of hype leading up to the release. The artist’s name is Ayee Resoo and he just dropped a fire new single titled “Stolie” with production coming from Pitt The Kid as well as two talented rising producers named Crescendo and bradxday. The chemistry between the two is evident and it makes sense why Pitt wanted to take Resoo to the next level.

The single dropped with a video directed by TheGoodBoy, the energetic pace of the editing match Ayee Resoo’s smooth melodic delivery. This song is one that gets stuck in your head, but with stellar visuals to accompany the release it’s a strong showing of what Ayee Resoo has in the chamber for 2021. With Resoo’s above-average ability to create memorable melodic verses, having a video that can match the tempo of this heater was essential. With Pitt having an obvious ear for talent, it’ll be interesting to see who he works with next. With a strong introduction to what this pair is capable of, let’s hope this isn’t the last single from Ayee Resoo and Pitt Tha Kid.

Listen to “Stolie” on all platforms here and watch the video below!