Stolen Seats-[FELIVAND]

Thank you to all of the incredible co-producers & co-writers that I got to meet and work with on this album. When I was younger I was naively hesitant to write with other producers because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to express myself as authentically. But writing this album taught me that it does the complete opposite & can be so powerful & encourage so much growth! Thank you for giving me the space to explore sounds I wouldn’t have been able to execute by myself & the unique & special connections made during that process” – FELIVAND

If you’re a dedicated reader of my articles, you’ll know that FELIVAND is one of my favorite artists among all genres. I’ve been a fan of her warm neo-soul music since 2017, and my admiration for her creative talents hasn’t ceased whatsoever. Fast-forward to 2022, and the gifted Brisbane, Australian singer, songwriter and producer has released her debut album entitled Ties on all platforms. To no surprise, the LP contains zero skips; all twelve songs are equally passionate and memorable for your blessed ears. “Stolen Seats” is one of the tracks that’s received a visual so far, which wonderfully brings to life FELIVAND’s deeply heartfelt lyricism. With signature levels of soft, mellow production, the artist introspectively glides over a sleek instrumental which is visually casted over some romantic summer scenery. If anyone asks of you for an S tier level artist, I promise you they won’t be disappointed if your answer is FELIVAND. Watch the official [self-directed and produced] music video for “Stolen Seats” below and be sure to stream Ties!