Still Tippin – [Li 9] x [Veeze]

While the vessel in which I find new music is ever-changing, more recently I’ve been deep diving into TikTok a bit more than usual and the artist I’m highlighting today is one of my recent discoveries. I came across the Mississippi Delta rising star, Li 9, about a month ago indirectly after hearing his new song, “Still Tippin”, with Veeze in another creator’s video. As I looked deeper into it, not only did I discover that the song had over 5,000 UGC’s, but I also realized that the artist who created the song was ridiculously talented and was still heavily slept on. That said, I couldn’t help but show love to Li 9’s newest offering on the Lyrical site today to welcome him back for his first appearance on Lyrical Lemonade in nearly 2 years. 

Floating over top of a hard, triumphant trap instrumental, Li 9 showcases his attention-grabbing vocal delivery and tone in “Still Tippin”. Despite an underground rap scene that is filled with oversaturated vocal impersonators, Li 9’s tone and flows feel very distinctive in relation to what is usually coming through the airwaves these days. Capturing the Southern rap sound that we’ve all come to know and love, Li 9 looked North to counterbalance his Southern sound as he called on Michigan-native and rapper, Veeze. Throughout the song, the two rappers go back and forth and make for a must-listen-to record for anyone who claims to have ears on what’s coming up out of the up-and-coming rap world right now.

Be sure to check it out using the links below!