Still Outside – [Fat Nick]

Ever since I got into the underground music scene over a half-decade ago, there have been a few stand-out names that I constantly find myself revisiting no matter how old some songs may be, at this point. Out of all of these artists, Fat Nick has always been someone who I constantly find myself returning to at one point or another, and even some of his songs from years ago still hit the same as they did when I first heard them. While it seems as if he might’ve slowed down on his output since I first found out about him years and years ago, he still seems to remain true to himself and rely heavily on the foundation he has built throughout the years, so every time he releases something new, I give myself no choice but to tune in, and I’m literally never disappointed.

Luckily, his hiatus has come to an end with the release of his latest song “Still Outside”, and while this might be the first song I’ve heard from Nick in a decent amount of time, it sucked me right back in and I think I’m going to go back and revisit some of my favorite songs by him as soon as I’m finished writing this article. Teaming up with his friend and frequent collaborator Mikey the Magician, MTM gives Nick some flawless groundwork to do his thing over epic, intense synths, piercing percussion, and 808s that are so deep, they might cause a small earthquake wherever you’re listening to this record.

Nick comes in and does his thing yet again, juxtaposing this busy and enthusiastic instrumental with his nonchalant, casual, and smooth bars. His cadences are always intricate and impressive, and while it seems like his words effortlessly flow out of his mouth, this just highlights his natural talents and proves that he’s an OG in the underground which is a label that’s not going to soon be forgotten. Throughout his verses, the beat simplifies to truly emphasize his abilities perfectly before coming back in full force for a hook that is going to reminisce in your brain for days to come. I couldn’t be more excited for new Fat Nick music, and “Still Outside” definitely fills the void I had in my mind, making it a record you’d going to want to tune into as soon as you find some time.