Still Here – [Morray] ft. [Cordae]

Some artists that are absolutely massive right now are people that I haven’t really paid nearly enough attention to, but as the years go on, I know I need to stop bumping the same songs I love over and over and expand my pallet to make sure I’m not missing out on amazing music. North Carolina’s Morray is someone who I have written about in the past, and he is clearly insanely talented, but I just haven’t really listened too much because his style isn’t something I typically gravitate towards usually, but after being nominated for two Grammys this early on in his career, he’s clearly someone that I need to show a lot more attention to.

Although I felt like his style might not necessarily fit in line with the same kind of sounds that Cordae is creating, when I realized that they’re both from the same home state, I knew that there had to be some enthralling chemistry, and that is more apparent than ever on their collaboration “Still Here”. In this Cardiak and Wu10-produced cut, a very serene, old-school soulful vibe comes through with ease, and it’s seriously such an insanely addicting foundation that you already know both emcees are going to absolutely destroy.

Morray’s voice is immaculate in the quick introductory hook as he lets his stretched-out notes paint a sonic picture that gives you goosebumps with how pure his skill set is. Cordae takes over the first verse with some equally smooth bars, but there are also some more blatant lines that can almost be even more eye-opening and contagious than the angelic notes that his counterpart sings out.

Morray’s second verse shows him quickening his pace without sacrificing the tunefulness of his words, allowing him to run the spectrum between high and low notes that are all truly flawless. “Still Here” is pretty much as perfect as music can get nowadays, and the Laka and Jerry Morka-directed music video takes it up a notch even more, making this yet another release that proves why these two emcees are at the top of their game, and others need to do a lot more if they ever want to catch up.