Sticky – [Stvsh]

If you haven’t realized, I’m a huge fan of the Hip-Hop coming out of New York. I suppose it’s the sheer grit and attitude of the artists AND the production. Every legitimate artist coming out of the city has something to prove and you can hear it in their voices.

I just recently discovered NY-based rapper Stvsh, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying his newest song, ‘Sticky.’ Simply having fun in the studio, the young emcee recorded the track with the intentions of having crowds jumping and fans chanting. Recently headlining his first show, the rapper has been extremely motivated and been stuck in the studio ever since.

Long time producer Judah Hex sounds just as hungry as the rising star. With an aggressive lead melody, and astonishingly powerful 808’s, ‘Sticky,’ is an incredible representation of the melting pot that is NYC.

‘I move too fast she give me a quicky, I feel like Tom Brady, it’s all in the past. I gotta admit, I’m gonna get rich, take over the city.’

With a music video on the way for the new banging single, Stvsh is not playing. Don’t sleep.

Words by Barry R