Stick! – [Zack Fox] ft. [Fabo]

In a world with so much polarization and divide, having someone like Zack Fox is always refreshing. His comical approach to music is unlike any other meme rappers you can think of because not only are his bars hilarious, they’re also actually incredibly well thought out and pieced together in an unbelievably remarkable way. He isn’t just making music as a joke, and that’s clear because although there might be funny elements, he’s actually extremely talented and has proven time and time again that he’s more than a comedian.

Although I’m a little late to his most recent song “Stick!”, I couldn’t help but talk about it after seeing all the creativity and thoughtfulness that went not only into the record itself but the visual that accompanies it as well. F1LTHY, a producer I’ve grown familiar with through his copious amounts of work with Chicago legend Lucki, is a hitmaker I wasn’t expecting to join forces with Zack, but after hearing the results, I’m beyond grateful that they did.

As for the production, F1LTHY utilizes some lighthearted, almost elementary-sounding piano keys that are accented by spread out percussion and very pungent, hard-hitting bass in the distance. When Zack starts to recite the chorus, he repeats the title of the song before mentioning all the people he knows who have sticks. While he does so, he almost whispers into the microphone in a very calm, relaxed, almost ASMR-like manner, and even though his enthusiasm is as minimal as possible, it comes together with the beat in a way that just somehow makes you want to jump right in the middle of a Moshpit.

In the verse, he raises the tone of his voice in a way that comes off as if he’s attempting to sing, but still not really trying to add too much energy or vitality to the song. Fabo, an artist I wasn’t very familiar with prior to this record, comes in for the second verse and kills his portion. His deeper voice opposes Zack’s more elevated tone nicely, and each line is spoken concisely and unrushed before he also raises his tone at the end of each line, finishing his bars with a bit of playfulness before Zack brings the track home with one final hook.

The visual is as inventive as you can expect from Zack Fox who teams up with Bobby Lee Palmer for some incredible direction. It’s a single shot, starting out with a close up on Zack before panning out and showing the entire scene behind him. As he stands there with a blank, unenthusiastic look on his face, we slowly see the set of characters surrounding him including a thick woman dancing around, a large, shirtless man, another guy smoking a blunt in a wheelchair, and a group of guys who seem to just be standing around talking. None of these people fit into the vibe of the song which makes it even more entertaining, and I definitely won’t ask questions about how he even decided to include these individuals.

As the second hook starts up, Zack turns around and sees that the one group of guys were beginning to break out into a fight, prompting him to set his microphone down and break it up as Fabo comes into the picture and brings some wild energy in the form of unique dance moves and a lively charisma that was missing from all the other actors on the set. After his verse comes to an end, Zack comes back with a cute dog in his arms as he picks up the mic and finishes the record. As the beat plays out after he’s done reciting the chorus, he looks off into the distance with an expression on his face that looks like he’s almost disappointed in himself, taking a deep breath, seemingly contemplating the decisions he made in life that led him to this point.

Whether you follow Zack on Twitter and see his hilarious tweets or you’re only familiar with his music, you already know at this point that he has one of the most creative and individualistic minds on the internet. While I didn’t expect him to continue making music after his initial offerings with Kenny Beats, I’m beyond grateful that he did because he truly brings something to the world of music that would be missing without him. His lyricism and wordplays are just impeccable, and he has this way of describing things while continuously rhyming that is unlike any other rapper in the entire Hip-Hop scene. I for one am a huge fan of Zack Fox and I make sure to check out every single new song he drops, and you should do the same, so make sure you tune into his latest offering “Stick!”, featuring Fabo, if you haven’t already.