Stick By My Side – [NLE Choppa] [Clever]

NLE Choppa is back with more heat, this time with an unexpected collaboration. Clever, a 34-year old musician out of Alabama was most noticeably recognized on Juice WRLD’s Death Race for Love on the track “Ring Ring,” and he’s back with another unique feature on “Stick By My Side.” Immediately, you can hear the distinctive voice that is Clever over the chorus. “God as my witness I just caught a body, should probably wear a vest for all this stress I’m under.” His raw, unusual vocal style hits differently on this instrumental, and originally I was skeptical on how it would mix with NLE Choppa’s flow. I was not disappointed.

As expected, Choppa flies in hard with his unmistakeable flow, delivery, and ad-libs, “Yeah, rich ’til I die, pull up on me and get hit with that fire.” As I’ve gotten accustomed to, Choppa kills both verses. However, the collaboration with Clever in this song was the perfect mix-up that he needed to expand his audience and reach a new level. The piece stays with the constant theme of basically anything related to guns, as one could expect with the song title.

This track will be a great kickstart in different aspects for both artists in my opinion. Clever, whose name was being tossed around, now has a couple solidified bangers with big-time artists. His uniqueness and ties with these artists will catapult him into larger stardom. And NLE Choppa who has released nothing but heat as of recent, adds a new flavor to his flow with this brilliant single, further broadening his spectrum across the hip-hop community.

Stream “Stick By My Side” below!