STFU…ur done – [SEBii]

I think at this point, my admiration for SEBii is just about as clear and obvious as it can get. I understand that his sound might be an acquired taste for some, as it was for me when I first heard his music a couple of years ago, but ever since I listened with an open mind and a hunger for something new and innovative, I understood exactly why the music industry needs someone like SEBii, and I also understood that the sound he has created since the beginning of his career has pushed others to try new things and get out of their comfort zones, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable that could be for them.

Due to this, I think it’s obvious that SEB is a modernizer and a pioneer, and I think that even if the mainstream music fan might not get his music, that’s what makes it even better because you know you’re kind of almost a part of this exclusive club. With the release of his latest effort VVYELLOW last week, we got 7 new songs from the young legend that boasted a run time of just over 16 minutes long, and considering there were no features once again, SEBii got to enjoy all of the fun himself, as well as with the extensive roster of talented beatsmiths that laid a foundation for him.

As for the remarkable Quivko-shot music video for the tape’s cut “STFU…ur done”, he takes things up a notch once again, and the end product is absolutely impeccable. In this one, he switches back and forth from an old-school-inspired, somewhat pixelated cartoon to real life, but even during these live scenes, the environment around him is constantly moving and vivacious, showing that SEBii’s world is full of liveliness even outside of the cartoon.

Whether there are paintings popping off of walls, objects floating in the air surrounding him, or scene transitions that might remind you of a PowerPoint presentation, there isn’t a single moment that comes up short, but that’s not a shock in the slightest when we think about the roll that SEBii has been on since his entrance into the music world. VVYELLOW was everything I had hoped it would be and more, and the music video for “STFU…ur done” exceeded my expectations as well, proving once again that SEBii doesn’t miss, and he honestly couldn’t even if he tried.