Stewgetbandsalot – [WestSide $tew] ft. [AK Bandamont]

Back in the mid-2010s, I was just getting in my groove of tapping in with different underground scenes around the world, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that the California area was one of my favorite music meccas. There was just this distinct sound that didn’t veer too far away from the norm of what was expected out there, but these artists just had this personal confidence that I couldn’t ignore whatsoever, and I never wanted to when considering the music they were creating.

While I loved this scene back then, it almost feels like there has been a rejuvenation of the West Coast hip-hop sound with some new names who are really creating an entirely new movement, and it brings a tear to my eye the way they’re putting on for their respective cities. WestSide $tew is someone who I just discovered, but it’s obvious that he isn’t a newcomer to most audiences familiar with the Los Angeles scene, so I couldn’t wait to tap in with his track “Stewgetbandsalot”, a record featuring AK Bandamont. AK kicks things off with his very aggressive and pretty dominant delivery, and thanks to the raspy, granular natural sound of his voice, there is a certain sonic texture that I don’t think anyone could imitate no matter how hard they may try.

$tew comes in for the latter half of the track, boasting some effortlessly smooth and self-assured bars that fit right in with his West Coast counterpart, so as soon as you hear him spit even just a few words, there’s no way you’re losing interest. Both WestSide $tew and AK Bandamont truly showed out on “Stewgetbandsalot”, and while I may have just found out about both artists less than an hour ago, I already can’t wait to hear what else each of them has created beyond this jam.