STEPPIN’ – [B.Z.A] x [Dut Bol]

B.Z.A, (also known as Brianna Bugeja) is an emerging twenty year old rapper from Australia, who has garnered local recognition and acknowledgement for her records and stage presence. Bugeja often delivers meaningful, emotive flows backed by a slightly darker style of rap. At just eigteen years of age, B.Z.A opened for the crew ‘Thundamentals’ at the ‘Adelaide Fringe Festival’ (2018), and has worked with ‘Golden Era Records’ (known for the ‘Hilltop Hoods’ and ‘K21’). B.Z.A has rocked live performances at multiple local (Adelaide and Melbourne) venues, including: ‘The Sesh’n (HQ Nightclub)’, ‘The Exhibition’ (‘Dad’s Warehouse’), ‘Corruption by Momentum’ (HQ Nightclub) and ‘The Poison Tape EP Launch’ (Zhivago’s). B.Z.A is signed to Georgii Speakman’s OUT.LI.ER Records – a talent management, record label and entertainment company based in Los Angeles, who have recognized her potential for the global stage. For a proper introduction, read no further by listening to her latest single titled “STEPPIN,’ featuring fellow Australian artist Dut Bol below! 

Words by Brandon Washington