Ever since I’ve gotten deeper into the underground music scene while writing for Lyrical, I’ve been lucky enough to actually form friendships with certain artists and other industry people, and there are perks that come with this. Most notably, a lot of times I get an early look at new music from some of my favorite up-and-comers, so when EGOVERT hit me last week and sent an early cut of his latest song, I was all in from the moment I pressed play.

This song, which came out just yesterday, ended up being called “STEP IN THE SCENE FREESTYLE!” and it’s produced by the well-renowned hitmaker Supa Mario. As soon as you begin the song, your ears are attacked by a rowdy, intense 808 before you hear some intergalactic synths that are eventually met with spread apart hats and some mischievous piano keys that truly tie everything together. Considering EGO is one of my overall favorite artists out right now, I feel like he can do no wrong, but the way he attacks this instrumental shows him truly at the top of his game.

Although he can have such a strong and almost overpowering personality, this is what keeps me coming back from more because it just adds so much complexity to every song he puts out. In this track, in particular, he constantly raises and lowers his vocal tone as he rotates through an insane variety of flows that are peppered with wordplays and chaos in all of the most creative and eye-opening ways imaginable. He even takes certain moments to stop the beat and clarify certain phrases, allowing the production to come back in more powerfully than ever.

He definitely wanted to step in the scene in a big way with this release (pun intended), and he teamed up with 600DVibez to co-direct an insane and incredible music video for this record as well. Animations, effects, and edits run rampant all over this visual, opening up with EGO’s head replacing the Earth in a shot, showing that this really is EGOVERT’s world, and we’re all just living in it. For the transitions, a granular almost lagging effect is used, taking us from one scene in an abandoned, graffiti-filled premises to another. While there are constant animations that reference his unbelievable wordplays, some of my favorites come in the form of an anatomy lesson, a California ID, and a red carpet premiere that EGO is the star of.

I could go on for days and days when it comes to any EGOVERT release, but it’s always just one of those things that you need to experience for yourself to truly appreciate. Considering he always sends me unreleased music that never fails to impress, I remember telling him the other day that it truly doesn’t make sense how he hasn’t blown up to inconceivable levels yet. Every part of his career is insane from his persona to his remarkable musical skills and everything in between, so the fact that he’s not a world-renown superstar yet truly baffles me. Nonetheless, EGO fans know what everyone else is missing out on, and he does it again with “STEP IN THE SCENE FREESTYLE!”, so be sure to stop whatever you’re doing and tune in immediately.