Step Back! – [1nonly] & [Sxmpra]

As we have seen over and over again throughout the music world, it doesn’t take long for an artist to catch on with a fanbase if they have a captivating presence and a differentiating sound. The internet allows artists to literally blow up after a single song drops, and while this can mean a quick rise and a faster descent, there are some emcees who are prepared for the glory and outdo themselves with every new release.

1nonly is someone who has been going viral since before I can even remember, whether it’s on TikTok or other social media, but when you hear his talents first-hand, it’s obvious that he is way more than a simple trend on the platform. He has this underworldly deep voice that delivers notes of darkness alongside this party, club-forward bounce that is seriously hard to describe justly, but it makes him that much more interesting, nonetheless.

I think part of this obscure yet addicting mashup of sounds is thanks to his beat selection, and his most recent Sxmpra-produced hit “Step Back!” shows this fact at its core. When the song starts playing, the instrumental gets more complex as 1nonly introduces his personality with conviction, leading to a bass drop that intensifies the record just as much as it picks up the tempo. In turn, he rifles through numerous flows that not only keep up with the pace but exceed my expectations, making me realize that it was silly to even have expectations in the first place.

Sxmpra even spits the second verse, showcasing an impressively shrill cadence that is as quick yet articulate as I could’ve ever even wished for. While comparisons are never my favorite things to make, I think that if you’re a fan of the $uicideboy$, Ghostemane, or upbeat records in general, you will definitely find yourself bumping this track on repeat as soon as you’re done with your first listen.