Step 1 – [SleazyWorld Go] ft. [Offset]

At this point, everyone has heard about the rumors that the Migos have broken up, or at least they partially separated, after the notorious trio haven’t been spotted together in ages whilst still releasing music as two entities (Offset on his own and then Quavo and Takeoff together as one). I obviously didn’t want to believe this was true, but after Qua and Takeoff made an unbelievable appearance at this past weekend’s Summer Smash without their third member, it was solidified in my mind that this might actually be the reality, as unfortunate as it is.

Nonetheless, we have seen each of the three Migos do well with solo endeavors throughout their career, so I don’t doubt that they’ll continue to thrive even in the midst of these breakup rumors. I don’t mean to go on this tangent because I am actually here to talk about SleazyWorld Go’s brand-new song “Step 1”, but he tapped Offset for this hit, so I figured I needed to give some backstory before anything. In fact, this seems to be the first verse from Offset since the potential breakup from what I’ve heard, so I had to give the backstory before diving into this insane record.

Rage Santana provides an amazing yet minimalistic foundation with the production, using the percussive elements as the driver of this beat while a low-key, thought-provoking melody plays in the distance. Sleazy wastes no time from the jump, though, as he gets right into some casual, calm bars that make you double-take, because they’re violent and aggressive, even if his mannerisms make you think the complete opposite.

This leads us directly into Offset’s portion during the second verse, and while he exudes his trademark personality and confidence, there is still such a unique approach to this part of the record that shows him rotating through off-kilter cadences and out-of-the-box flows that we might not be used to hearing from the Atlanta star. All in all, “Step 1” is one of the most appealing records I’ve heard all month, and the RC Nelson and Owen Grice-directed music video keeps things simple yet compelling, which means that this is one release from the up-and-comer that you’re certainly going to want to tap in with as soon as you can.