Stella Brown – [Jelani Aryeh]

In 2019, an artist named Jelani Aryeh caught my attention with a string of impressive singles — “The Garden,” “Patagonia,” “Jetfuel,” etc — all of which fueled the momentum toward the impeccable Helvetica: Aryeh’s most recent full-length project, and a body of work that perfectly captures the vibrant mind of such an impressive rising star. Since Helvetica, Aryeh has stayed fairly quiet, although today, marking a perfect gift to get us through quarantine, he’s emerged once again with a brand new single, “Stella Brown.”

Painted in a coat of decadent guitar riffs, “Stella Brown” finds a sense of homegrown candidness through the vehicle of simplicity. At its heart, the song isn’t terribly complex, but it resonates with a level of authenticity that countless artists, labels, etc. try to manufacture to no avail. It takes a special song and an even more special artist to find the balance of sound that allows for such, but quite clearly, with “Stella Brown,” Aryeh hit the nail on the head. It’s emotional, it’s honest, and it’s the kind of song that means more than the sum of its parts.

When an artist can touch the heart of each listener on an individual basis, you’ve got something important on your hands; Jelani Aryeh and “Stella Brown” are that. This single is ready to soundtrack formative moments in countless lives, and for that reason, it’s a must-listen. Numbers aside, “Stella Brown” is ready to take on a life of it’s own.

Listen below: