Steamy – [seeyousoon]

Florida based music collective seeyousoon releases a wildly entertaining video that may be one of the best you’ll see this week entitled “Steamy.” In 2018 seeyousoon was formed as a group comprised of vocalists Mitch, Maddie, Josh, Luke, Dre and Drex teamed up with producers Ignacio, Kenny, and Denny. In “Steamy” the group uses the booth as a literal therapy session as each member gets somethings off their chests. The video highlights different forms of therapy in which different members participate in one on one, group, and looking at one’s self in the mirror. If your a fan of multi-genre music collectives like Brockhampton and 99 Neighbors then Seeyousoon doesn’t veer much far from that sound. In an article by way of The Fader, seeyousoon stated that this was actually the first record they recorded as a group together. So it was only right that this would be the first single introducing them to the masses.

Watch the music for seeyousoon’s “Steamy” after the break.