Stay With Me – [Lucus]

Lyrical Lemonade fam let’s give a warm welcome to Lucus and his new single “Stay With Me.” Soundcloud is still providing a lot of hidden gems on the platform and it’s far from being a dead music discovery resource. The first time I heard of Lucus was when he was singing the hook on rapper Ducey Gold’s track “Target.” I immediately was left wondering who this mysterious crooner was but because of how fast music movies I forgot to follow up on that lead. Fortunately for me, he resurfaced on a repost on my Soundcloud timeline and that led me to “Stay With Me.” Lucus gives me the same vibes of an early Soundcloud Post Malone, he has the ability to reach that level with the right team and if he continues to grow as a songwriter. If you don’t believe me check out his versatility on his singles “Boom” and “Mafia” and see for yourself.

Stream Lucus’ song “Stay With Me” after the break.