Stay the Night – [Lovsky]

Not too long ago, one of my friends put me onto Lovsky’s music and ever since, I have been cheering her on and telling as many people as I can about her. She has such power behind her words that is paired with this sort of innocence that isn’t a typical combination for most singers, but she makes it work incredibly and it’s part of the reason why she has stuck out in my eyes so much more than other up and coming artists. She also has a way of combining elements of various different genres into one cohesive record, utilizing certain R&B, hip-hop, soul, and other styles of music throughout her growing catalog, making each new release absolutely mandatory in my eyes.

While a little bit of time has passed since her last release, I have been following closely along with her social media posts and it’s abundantly clear that she’s locking in on her craft and is recording some amazing music that is going to be game-changing once it’s in our hands. For now, though, she decided to revisit a song called “Stay the Night” by The Internet off of their incredible album HIVE MIND from a few years ago, giving her own majestic spin on the already wonderful and resounding record.

If you’re familiar with The Internet, you know that many of their tracks are light, emotional, and revealing, but Lovsky takes these qualities to an entirely new level, recruiting Cedric Zeyenne to break the instrumental down to the point that it becomes fairly barebones during moments, allowing her newly-added vocals to truly carry the weight of the message even more than the words ever have. What I appreciate so much about this rendition is the fact that Syd (The Internet’s vocalist) already has such a delicate and gentle voice, but Lovsky brings these qualities one step further, making it seem as if she’s being extra careful and gentle as if the lyrics are coming out in a fragile yet carefully curated and well thought out manner.

Although it begins extremely slow and unhurried, once the beat drops, the rhythm picks up to the point where it adds some bounce to the record without making it sound too rushed or hasty. This lasts throughout the chorus, but things take a step back once again for the second verse, and one of my favorite things that Lovsky tends to do is let her voice riff or hum in the background at certain points. Although these portions might be minuscule parts in the grand scheme of things, I feel like it’s little things like this that help provide even more depth and complexity to her music and they’re things that are going to help her go the distance as she continues to grow and advance throughout her career.

I wanted to focus mainly on the song itself for this article because it is one of the best renditions of “Stay the Night” I’ve heard to date, but don’t sleep on the Dre Cooley-shot music video that Lovsky actually directs herself as she dances around a lovely beach allowing her emotions to control every move she makes. Aside from this, I know that Lovsky has been working extremely hard and although her talents are on full display in this cover, I’m even more excited to see what kind of original music she has in store. I’m sure she’ll deliver these songs sooner than later, but either way, give “Stay the Night” a spin and vibe out with the blossoming up-and-coming singer.