Stay for A Lil – [22Gfay]

California has never been overlooked in terms of hip-hop greatness, but it seems like most fans don’t look further than Los Angeles to find talent. Considering it’s one of the most prominent and influential states in all of popular culture, the number of massive cities that captivate various audiences is unbelievable, so when I find myself getting too comfortable with just the scene in LA, I know it’s time to push to another metropolis and find something new. 22Gfay is a Filipino-American artist that I have heard of from time to time in the past, but with the influx of records he has put out this year alone, I’m honestly shocked that he hasn’t been brought up much more often.

Along with a ton of singles released in 2022, he dropped his project 22 back in February, giving fans over 45 minutes of new music to enjoy and get acquainted with his skills. As this year seems to come to a rapid conclusion, he apparently didn’t want the fun or notoriety to end as well, but who can blame him? I say this because he just dropped another album entitled Stay for A Lil, an effort consisting of 11 songs spanning almost a half hour long, and while it is quite a spectacle, you can tell that he’s only getting started and there is plenty more to come.

Despite his freshness to the music world, he is somehow effortlessly able to put together all of these melodies seamlessly, building on his soft yet confidently sung notes with every new line. While he never really belts out bars or appears to get too intense, this speaks to his composure and command, knowing what he wants while doing everything he can to go out and take it, but still having fun along the way.

Bearing in mind that Gfay just released his first music video back in 2021, he was setting himself up for success while attracting about 2.4 million views combined on all of his visuals, so you know he is only going to build on these triumphs. Stay for A Lil is an ode to the West Coast, and seeing how 22Gfay stays true to himself, his background, and his self-belief, I think this is certainly an album you’ll want to tap in with.