Stay Down – [Ronnie Rage]

We are always on the lookout for new artists here at Lyrical Lemonade and recently I discovered someone that goes by the name of Ronnie Rage thanks to the Lost TV/Pat Banahan directed video for “Stay Down”. Banahan does a fantastic job providing us with some of the cleanest aerial shots in recent memory as well as some trippy scene transitions to match the smooth song. While Pat’s A1 video skills were the reason I checked out the track, the song itself certainly did a good job of catching my full attention. Rage’s vocals are catchy as fuck and he possesses a very organic flow that kept me nodding my head during the whole video. It is also self-produced so we are looking at a multi-talented artist with lots of potential here, we will be keeping our ears peeled for his next drop. If you’re looking for new music to bump I would recommend hitting play on “Stay Down” below and enjoy some crisp Pat Banahan direction while you’re at it.

As always be sure to follow the talented artists on Twitter (@ronniexrage  and @PatBanahan ) to stay in tune!