Stay Dangerous – [Taleban Dooda] ft. [Dee Watkins]

Not too long ago at all, Florida’s very own Taleban Dooda released his debut album Fallen Angel, and fans have been eating it up ever since. Throughout the 17 songs that span just under 50 minutes long, Dooda gave listeners not only an insight into his life and a variety of different talents that we might not have known about prior to this project, but he also gave us countless abundantly clear reasons as to why he’s such a different artist when compared to some of his other Floridian counterparts.

While some rappers from the southern state can tend to fall into the same lane and just aren’t able to differentiate themselves, Dooda makes sure that you know exactly who he is and what he brings to the table. One of the standout songs off of the project had to be “Stay Dangerous”, an absolutely remarkable track that features fellow Florida artist Dee Watkins, so you could only imagine my excitement when I saw that there was a brand-new music video for the record. If you listen to any single one of Dooda’s songs, you know that violence isn’t necessarily something he flaunts, but it’s something he uses as a defense mechanism when people do him wrong.

That’s why, after watching this visual, I was extremely pleased to see that he wasn’t just out there flexing guns and pointing red dots at the camera, but rather enjoying himself in other ways. First off, he can be seen with a video game headset on as he tops the leaderboards in Call of Duty while he casually counts his stacks of cash. This lasts for a good amount of the beginning, and things eventually transition into real-life combat, but at a paintball arena instead of in the streets, rounding everything out with some interesting and fun shots of the battle at hand.

I honestly respect Dooda so much for this video. There are just way too many visuals nowadays where everyone and their mothers are flaunting their guns and weapons, and while this is obviously a part of rap music and many artists’ upbringings, I feel like the example needs to be set for the next generation that violence only makes things worse and tempers flare higher. Aside from this, though, Fallen Angel is definitely a project you’re going to want to check out as soon as you can. With features from names like Tm88, ATL Jacob, OMB Peezy, T9ine, 42 Dugg, and more, there are tons of moments throughout this project that you just can’t miss. With that being said, make sure you make it a priority to tune into the awesome new music video for Dooda’s song “Stay Dangerous” featuring Dee Watkins as well.