Stay Dangerous – [Bravo the BagChaser] ft. [Drakeo the Ruler & Blueface]

Following Drakeo the Ruler’s release from federal prison the Los Angeles rap scene was reinvigorated tremendously after a depressing stretch where many of the city’s latest hip-hop champions and primary sonic architects were silenced by the government through a series of legal battles. Nonetheless the city persevered and added many other new big names in the process like BlueBucksClan or in today’s case, Bravo the BagChaser who recently brought his star studded track “Stay Dangerous,” which features Drakeo the Ruler and BlueFace, to life in a new Director Carrington directed visual. This song comes off of his recent project Bagchasin’ this week which made a major statement as far as launching him into the tier of LA’s elite rappers is concerned, recruiting a number of other big name artists for that release as well. I really like Bravo’s voice and he has a very distinct melodic twang in his delivery that stands out from some of his more monotone or pitchy peers and he shined on this track amongst two of his city’s brightest stars. I would definitely recommend his new project as well if you liked the video and if you enjoy LA music in general you are certain to enjoy Bagchasin’.