Starting 5 – [FMB DZ]

I was recently put onto Detroit’s very own FMB DZ, and once again, I have even more reason to get continuously excited about the direction that the Motor City’s rap scene is headed. My first taste of his music is his brand-new video single “Starting 5” and it’s an unapologetic showcase of his go-getter mindset.

In this single, FMB shares his ingenious wordplay, natural knack for selecting an intriguing instrumental, and shows off his enthralling storytelling abilities. His verses are both impressive and natural, making it clear that he’s experienced in the science of blunt execution in the studio. The song is a perfect introduction to the world of FMB DZ, and the Stache House Productions-directed video shows off FMB’s graceful rhymes even further.

For those new to FMB’s music, you get a feel for his hometown confidence as he takes a trip to the West Coast, handles business in the offices of EMPIRE, and spits his lines in the broad daylight of the bustling streets. The visuals perfectly complement the track’s ear-drum-tickling pianos and pounding 808s, making for a perfect blend of sound and vision.

The visual serves as a testament to the D-Town spitter’s authenticity and his relentless approach to living his life. With his Cartier frames and offhand brags, he is pretty much Detroit personified, but he’s also an insightful entrepreneur who knows how to make moves in the streets and in the boardroom. The film also reinforces the long-standing connection between Detroit and the Bay Area, something you can experience in both the record itself as well as in the music video.

“Starting 5” is the first taste of FMB’s upcoming album, P Rock Baby, named after the neighborhood he grew up in while experiencing life on the Eastside of Detroit. According to the release’s press release, the album is expected to incorporate sounds from all over the country, particularly from the West Coast where it was recorded, and promises to be an expansive project that showcases FMB’s array of aptitudes as a musician. I can only say so much before I have to let you check it out on your own, but if you’ve been a supporter of the Michigan capital’s buzzing hip-hop movement over the past few years, you’ll see why I believe that FMB DZ is certainly someone you need to keep an eye on as he continues to blow up.