Starchild – [Elujay]

In light of the warm weather, an artist by the name of Elujay makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with a sun-infused single entitled “Starchild”. Set to the tone of a groovy, sparkling instrumental, the beat on this one isn’t even the most impressive part despite how truly compelling it sounds. Instead, Elujay’s vocals are what makes “Starchild” a potential hit, as his vocal control and choice of tone bless this song with potential far below the surface. Every word is let out with the utmost care, and fans can easily latch onto the utterly infectious sound with each line, watching as one bar after another floats over the hypnotic soundscape. That being said, this offering is a clear testament to the sky-high potential that Elujay holds as an artist. Be sure to get hip by clicking play on “Starchild” below and follow the rising star on Twitter here!

Produced by @aabo-music, @yyunglame, & @hxns
Additional keys by Kev Concepcion (@whoiskev)