Stalemate – [Bonbon Anglais]

Bonbon Anglais was one of my favorite new discoveries of last year. However, with an elusive, reserved mystique, and a sporadic release schedule, I still don’t know much about him. I do know that, with each release, he brings something different to the table that makes me an even bigger fan and his latest “Stalemate” is no exception.

An ode to unrequited love, “Stalemate” takes on a more ballad-esque feel than his previous releases. Though the pace may be different– with the slower, swirling beat allowing Anlgais to showcase his dynamic vocal range a little more–Anglais’ approach is the same. No matter what the atmosphere of the song, Anglais has so much emotion in his voice which really lets you connect with him.

Showing more of himself in this release, “Stalemate” is another win for a supreme talent destined for big things.