St. Louis’ Next Breakout Star: BlakeIANA Drops Explosive “Bing Bong” Remix ft. Sexyy Red

In the heart of St. Louis, a fiery new talent is setting the music scene ablaze. At just 23 years old, BlakeIANA is poised to become the city’s next big artist to break through the ranks, and she’s doing it in style with the scorching official remix and music video of her viral hit “Bing Bong,” featuring the sensational Sexyy Red.

Earlier this year, BlakeIANA unleashed “Bing Bong,” and it was like a musical wildfire spreading through the digital landscape. The track took TikTok by storm, racking up millions of views, and on Spotify, it amassed nearly half a million streams. But her success didn’t stop there. In a show of support that speaks volumes, none other than JT of City Girls hopped on Instagram to spit some bars along with “Bing Bong.”

“Bing Bong” shines brightly, thanks to BlakeIANA’s impeccable flow, clever wordplay, and an irresistible knack for crafting hooks that refuse to leave your head. Now, with the addition of Sexyy Red, the track gets a dose of racy and raw bars, creating an explosive collaboration that’s not to be missed.The accompanying music video takes us on a wild ride as Sexyy Red calls up BlakeIANA, inviting her to Las Vegas. What follows is a whirlwind adventure through the city, tearing up the Strip in a Pink Hummer limousine.

BlakeIANA and Sexyy Red are putting St. Louis on the map in a big way, and “Bing Bong” is their anthem. With its electrifying remix and unforgettable visuals, this dynamic duo is unstoppable, and we can’t wait to see where their momentum takes them next.