Squeeze – [24LeftEye]

24LeftEye is another rapper showing tremendous promise from Atlanta’s notorious east side and recently the Ola Runt collaborator unveiled his debut mixtape “Life of a Henchmen” which although very raw was a fantastic first release from the youthful MC. My favorite visual and song from the project has got to be LeftEye’s menacing track “Squeeze” that reveals both the grimy, grittiness that emanates from his music, but also the distinctive charisma that has helped make him a quick fan favorite for many. The mixtape features his FrontStreet peers Ola Runt and Woo Da Savage and I am very excited to see where 24LeftEye can go from here and I am certainly very interested to watch him carve out his place alongside Ola Runt as one of the premier rappers in Zone Six.