Spree – [Fatt Macc] [Lil Bam]

Montgomery, Alabama’s Fatt Macc recently collided with Birmingham’s Lil Bam in what was an unexpected but very welcome collaboration in my book as two of Alabama’s two best shit-talkers and creators of hustler music came together for a memorable visual. I really enjoy seeing all of the respective scenes in Alabama cross over, from Huntsville to Birmingham to Montgomery to Mobile and everywhere in between, there is something very special happening in the rap scene of this state and it is about time the industry fully took notice of everything happening here. TreyHD, who has been instrumental in capturing many of these artists, shot and directed this visual, capturing yet another soon-to-be iconic moment in Alabama rap history. I have high hopes for Lil Bam and Fatt Macc and know that it is only a matter of time until the industry fully takes notice of their music.