Splash Downey- The Splash Tape 3

Rising talent Splash Downey is back on the scene with his latest project, “The Splash Tape 3,” released on October 20, a genre-blurring gem. In its 10-song, 26-minute glory, Splash dances effortlessly between Rap, Pop, Hyperpop, Folk, and even a poignant Very Sad Love Song. The first 5 seconds of each track act as a sonic journey, transitioning from tight beats to industrial echoes, acoustic snaps, and euphoric production chaos. Splash’s project is a testament to his unique skill set—he seamlessly sings, raps, and effortlessly shifts between genres. His ability to navigate the gray areas of musical expression reflects an artist deeply attuned to the nuances that make each genre enjoyable.

“The Splash Tape 3” boasts a curated ensemble, featuring Rahn Harper and Avery Grace lending poppy vocals, while Mick Jenkins and BigBabyGucci contribute their distinct hiphop flavors. Jenkins brings lo-fi rap mastery to “What’s Your Phone?” while BigBabyGucci, a hyperpop luminary, shines on the standout track “Don’t Go on Dates!” Splash Downey’s approach to sounds and genre-bending prowess marks him as an artist pushing the boundaries within his music.

Take sometime to check out his latest project below!