SPIRIT OF X2C – [Lancey Foux]

I may not be an expert on Britain’s music scene in any sense of the word, but I have been listening to UK music for quite a while now, and I have been able to understand and appreciate the vast majority of differences as well as the innovations that this scene has incorporated into the music that artists put out here in the States. One of the more recent emcees that I have become acquainted with is Lancey Foux, and while his similar disposition to that of Playboi Carti is what initially drew me in, it was seeing how different he actually was from the Atlanta rockstar that made me obsessed. Lancey isn’t just a musician, he is a personality.

Along with his unbelievable music, there is an overarching entity that comes with it, so when you listen to any of his records, it feels like an event rather than just another song. I feel like there aren’t many other artists out there that apply this level of creativity or detail to their offerings, but that just makes him even more distinctive and fascinating to me. I know how this may sound, but his latest video single “SPIRIT OF X2C” caught me by surprise and made me really ponder on all of my opinions based on the experiences that I’ve had listening to his music, with this one being an outlier when comparing it to anything else I’ve experienced from him prior.

The BNYX-produced song is so soft, poignant, and touching, led by a piano progression that hits you in the heart before Lancey’s melodically passionate vocals shine like a beacon of hope. Calvin Pausania also did a fantastic job directing the track’s visual, showing Lancey and a love interest sharing some time basking in each other’s presence, and the lust can be felt through the screen.

Later on, purple accents decorate the scene as well as Lancey, who transforms into some sort of elf-inspired creature, someone who may not be conventionally appealing to look at but at the end of the day, he is still someone. I feel like this shows how when there is a connection as strong as the one he has with this woman, all the barriers come crashing down and your true self can be revealed, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Now, I don’t know if my description is accurate or way off base, but I do know that this single comes with the announcement of his long-awaited album LIFE IN HELL which is due out next week on October 28th. Described as an album that “is set to be a sonically emotional experience which explores a dystopian world that’s full of dark rapture, twisted motives and ugly truths”, “SPIRIT OF X2C” gives us a glimpse at the expressive rollercoaster that Lancey plans to take us on, and it has me anxiously waiting to experience the forthcoming effort from one of the UK’s finest.